About Us

The company was established in 1995 and ever since has developed successfully. During the years we confirmed  abilities, professionalism and enroled an experienced team of brokers, which give their best for the quality servicing of every single client and the good name of the company.

Our activities includes:

  • confidential managing of capitals
  • intermediation and consulting services
  • and sale trade of real estates.
  • property  insurance

We are working in close contact with highly qualited architects, builders and lawyers.

Our company offers full assistance in buying and renting properties. We provide marketing research to our clients with sole purpose of giving them the best offers.

Restrictions on Foreigners

Currertly, there are still restrictions on foreigners buying land in Bulgaria, but these restrictions are due to change. In the next year or two, as Bulgaria works toward complying with EU directives for joining the European Union in 2007. At the moment a foreigner can buy building as an individual, but not land. He has to registered a company in Bulgaria. Once it has been registered the company buys the property and owns the land.